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Spectra Blocks are community generated social groups organized around common interests such as location, occupation, or hobbies.

They each control a virtual city block, and are empowered to make collective decisions about their space, including linking and collaborating with other blocks or even building a project in real life.

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Places & Realities

Spectra is a city for the future that lives across places and realities, linking existent and emergent urban spaces. 

Spectra on The Ground

Spectra projects that exist in real life, on the ground: from pop-up events and interventions, to infill development projects, to large-scale urban development projects.

The Cross-Platform City

The cross-platform city is the virtual footprint of Spectra assets and Spectra-inspired spaces that exist across many platforms and places, enabled by our open toolkit and community activity.

The Source City

Spectra's source city is a platform and repository of community contributions that meet the standards of Spectra maintainers.