The Cross-Platform City

The cross-platform city is the virtual footprint of Spectra assets and Spectra-inspired spaces that exist across many platforms and places,…

The cross-platform city is the virtual footprint of Spectra assets and Spectra-inspired spaces and stories that exist across many platforms and places, enabled by our open toolkit and community activity. This includes The Visitor’s Center, a collection of environments hosted by Spectra on the platform showcasing a typical Spectra Intersection and Block.

Right now the Visitor Center includes eight public environments on*

Four Public Spaces:

Spectra Main Intersection

Spectra Courtyard

Spectra AR Market

The Rooftop

Four Apartments:

Level 5, A1

Level 6, B1

Level 6, B2

Level 7, B1&2

These environments, optimized for webXR, are available as-is in the Source City Toolkit alongside higher-fidelity assets. Toolkit users are free to modify and adapt our creative commons assets for their preferred platform and use-case. For example, Spectra members who wish to form a block can duplicate, decorate, and redesign their own apartment spaces and common areas. Likewise, artists, game designers, role-players, content creators, or anyone who finds the toolkit useful is free to use the same assets for their own projects unrelated to Spectra. As a CC0 asset pack, the toolkit can be freely modified and kit-bashed without attribution. See our content license for more details.


Designed by Architects, Grown by Community

The Spectra Cities community hopes that our Source City Toolkit will provide inspiration and support to social VR creators looking for a compelling, near-future urban setting or kit-of-parts for their projects that is built with architectural rigor and reflects the lore and worldbuilding of a real community. We’re excited to see the city re-appear in many forms and variations which might in turn inspire alternative pathways for the Source City’s development and the projects it inspires on the ground.


How to create your own Spectra space or apartment on for free:

  1. Download a space from the Source City Toolkit GLB Repository
  2. Follow the instructions on for uploading a custom environment
  3. Decorate your environment by using Spatial’s Sketchfab integration


Blender or Unity user?

Check out the templates in our Blender and Unity repositories. You can customize them to your heart’s desire and publish on with the new Unity Creator Toolkit, or port them to the platform of your choice. Show us your creations in our Discord or tag #spectracities!


*Make sure to follow TOS and Spectra Participation Guidelines while browsing public instances, and let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

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