These are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question not covered here, feel free to reach out via the contact form, or drop by the #questions channel in our Discord forum.

Spectra started with the ambition to build a city for over a million people mixing the best of traditional urbanism and people-powered placemaking with 21st century tools and technologies. To work towards this north star and other undiscovered potential, Spectra Studios LLC launched the Spectra Cities community as a destination for physical placemakers and digital worldbuilders to come together and reimagine citymaking. We hope the community will become not just an incubator for a single project to build a city like Spectra in real life, but an open source platform for citymaking projects of all sizes. Spectra Cities also aspires to help train and educate the next generation of mixed reality citymakers and cocreate transformative, immersive experiences and events that help us have new, more empowering conversations about the future.

One of our community principles is that you don’t need access to a particular technology to be a virtual citymaker. We aspire to offer an accessible online imagination infrastructure that blends old and new citymaking tech, as well as offline events where anyone can get their hands on the latest tech and launch or partake in Spectra Cities projects.

Spectra runs public tours on a weekly basis. A VR or mixed reality headset is *not required* to attend or participate in the community. Spectra’s spaces on spatial.io are accessible via web browser as well as mobile phone, and events taking place in our Unity PC build will be livestreamed for anyone who can’t join us in-world.

Every meetup has something for newcomers and returning members alike: from guest talks to interactive games and creative performances. RSVP for events from the tours and events page on our website.

The Source City (Spectra’s Unity-based PCVR build) is accesible via our Source City tour events to anyone with a PC headset (livestreams and videos will also be available on Youtube).

Assets from the Source City will be regularly updated and published in our Source City Toolkit, a free CC0 asset pack available from our website and Discord.

City Modders and organizations who want to help maintain and grow our repository can gain access to our Source City Maintainers forum by expressing interest on our Discord.

Spectra’s Source City Toolkit is licensed CC0 (public domain, no rights reserved, no attribution required), and many of our events and projects will require some or all user generated content to be submitted to the Source City under this license.

If this requirement is not stipulated in writing, then project contributors retain full rights to their content unless they choose to submit it for inclusion in the Source City. Read more about content licensing and guidelines here.

If you have any concerns about how content licensing affects you or a public or private institution’s participation in a Spectra project or event, do not hesitate to contact our team via the form on this website or by emailing Team@Spectra.city

If you have a project or partnership in mind for Spectra, the best place to reach the team is through the contact form at the bottom of this website. You can also stop by our discord forum and pitch your project in the ideas channel.

You can find a version of Spectra Studios LLC’s roadmap to building an open source city for the future in our whitepaper. Due to the nature of open source communities, these are living documents intended to evolve with community input. Furthermore, Spectra Cities is an open community platform capable of supporting all kinds of projects whether or not they fit into Spectra Studios LLC’s roadmap. Through our ongoing governance project, city modders can help decide how the community enacts and upholds our founding principles and aspirations. 

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