Papers Our most comprehensive writings for those who want a deep dive into all things Spectra and what we aim to accomplish. Spectra Whitepaper The 21st century poses great challenges to how we have historically built cities. This paper explains how virtual worldbuilding can revive the art of urban planning, and pairing traditional cooperativism with […]


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Spectra Projects Medium- and long-term expeditionary projects are proposed and voted on by city modders. When a project reaches enough votes, it is launched by a project team. Projects can involve both Spectra community members as well as outside guests and partner institutions. Projects can be open-ended and don’t require specific deliverables. At the end […]


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The Spectra Community QUICK START We designed the first version of a buildable city and we’re releasing the geometry to everyone for free. If you make any changes to it, we can add your designs to the open-source Toolkit and to the Source City, our virtual reality repository. If you join the community, you will […]