Virtual Block Shuffle

A virtual block rearrangement process that allows communities to reposition themselves based on interests and alliances.

Virtual Night City

The night city is a version of the Source City, the team is exploring Spectra Cities as a standalone virtual destination.

Puerto Rico Farm

The Puerto Rico Farm was started by Spectra founder Ryan Rzepecki as a place for community gatherings and implementing related projects in sustainable agriculture…

Economics Guild

The economics guild is for those passionate about running numbers and measuring the efficiency of systems.

Ground Floor Concept

Spectra explored ground floor concepts from both architectural and economic angles.

Site Research

The site research project’s goal is to explore how local environmental, cultural, and urban contexts might affect Spectra-inspired projects on the ground.

Sustainability Guild

The sustainability guild is a launchpad for experiments relating to everything from urban agriculture to public health, mobility, waste, and energy.

AR/VR Guild

The AR / VR guild is where anyone interested or experienced in spatial computing or immersive media can exchange knowledge and launch experiments to visualize and inhabit Spectra in new ways.