Architecture Guild

The architecture guild is a home for anyone with a passion for the built environment, and a place to build and exchange knowledge of related crafts and professions. As spectra’s architects, you’ll take on projects and conceive challenges related to the virtual and IRL built environment.

Games Guild

The games guild is for Spectrans interested in fantasy, roleplay, game design, storytelling, and exploring how imagination and play relates to city design and virtual cities.

Photorealistic City Renders

Rather than a means of conveying a final product, these renders were made to be used in the prototyping process, to explore qualitative aspects and subtle details of the social life of the city.

Spectra Rooftops v1

Spectra’s rooftops are one of the three layers of public space in the city alongside the street and L2 system.

Courtyards v1

Each block explores and designs a unique courtyard concept based on that community’s interests.

Spectra Governance

Spectra Governance Guild is conducting ongoing research to support Spectra’s community of virtual citymakers and explore systems, guidelines, and processes that help us uphold our principles and grow the city cooperatively.

Creative Club

The Creative Club was founded by and for content creators and anyone interested in media, art, design, or communications.