Spectra on The Ground

Spectra projects that exist in real life, on the ground: from pop-up events and interventions, to infill development projects, to large-scale urban development projects.

The Cross-Platform City

The cross-platform city is the virtual footprint of Spectra assets and Spectra-inspired spaces that exist across many platforms and places, enabled by our open toolkit and community activity.

The Source City

Spectra’s source city is a platform and repository of community contributions that meet the standards of Spectra maintainers.

Spectra Block Design v1

The foundational unit of Spectra’s spatial and social structure is the block, Inspired by successful patterns of low-rise density.

Spectra Fellows

The Spectra Fellowship is a 6-week summer program where a group of selected students will develop a Spectra project.

Weekly Meetups: Tour Spectra on Spatial.io

Tour Spectra’s virtual city from your browser, phone, or VR headset (not required!). Meet the architects and designers behind Spectra and see a vertical slice of the city from street to rooftops.

Spectra Podcast

Coming Spring 2023 – Ryan Rzepecki & Andreea Ion Cojocaru discuss Spectra, 21st century urbanism, and the promise of virtual tools and spaces.

March 21: Placemaking Across Realities, Cornell Tech

Join Spectra in NYC, where JUMP founder Ryan Rzepecki will keynote a panel discussion hosted by Numena CEO Andreea Ion Cojocaru and Urban Tech Fellow Greg Lindsay on how immersive and mixed reality technologies are shaping the future of cities.

Governance Guild

The governance guild is where Spectra’s policy wonks and community organizers discuss governance experiments to serve the community and city.