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Virtual Block Shuffle

A virtual block rearrangement process that allows communities to reposition themselves based on interests and alliances.

Virtual Night City

The night city is a version of the Source City, the team is exploring Spectra Cities as a standalone virtual destination.

Ground Floor Concept

Spectra explored ground floor concepts from both architectural and economic angles.

The Source City

Spectra’s source city is a platform and repository of community contributions that meet the standards of Spectra maintainers.

Spectra Block Design v1

The foundational unit of Spectra’s spatial and social structure is the block, Inspired by successful patterns of low-rise density.

Photorealistic City Renders

Rather than a means of conveying a final product, these renders were made to be used in the prototyping process, to explore qualitative aspects and subtle details of the social life of the city.

Multilevel Streetlife Concept

Public life in Spectra is spread across three vertical layers available for public and semi-public programming.

Spectra Rooftops v1

Spectra’s rooftops are one of the three layers of public space in the city alongside the street and L2 system.

Courtyards v1

Each block explores and designs a unique courtyard concept based on that community’s interests.

Spectra Cities Forum

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