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Farm Block

The Farm Block was started by Spectra founder Ryan Rzepecki for people interested in sustainable agriculture, permaculture, urban farms, nutrition, and public health.

Site Research

The site research project’s goal is to explore how local environmental, cultural, and urban contexts might affect Spectra-inspired projects on the ground.

Sustainability Guild

The sustainability guild is a launchpad for experiments relating to everything from urban agriculture to public health, mobility, waste, and energy.

Spectra Rooftops v1

Spectra’s rooftops are one of the three layers of public space in the city alongside the street and L2 system.

Spectra Governance

Spectra Governance Guild is conducting ongoing research to support Spectra’s community of virtual citymakers and explore systems, guidelines, and processes that help us uphold our principles and grow the city cooperatively.

Spectra Cities Forum

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