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Spectra is where physical placemakers and digital worldbuilders come together to build this century’s most ambitious urban projects. Spectra’s toolkit and design process can support projects from single sites, to infill developments, up to a city of 1M+ people.

The community undertakes projects that become part of a CC0 repository available to everyone, everywhere. The repository is accessible in two formats: as a downloadable asset pack of city parts and as an immersive virtual experience we call the Source City.

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Tours & Events

Spectra in Austin – Join our SXSW meetup

Spectra will be attending SXSW in March and hosting VR demos and design workshops. …

Weekly Meetups: Tour Spectra on Spatial.io

Tour Spectra’s virtual city from your browser, phone, or VR headset (not required!). Meet the architects and designers behind…

Tour the Source City with PC VR

Got a PC VR Headset? Join Spectra for a tour of The Source City, our immersive model city built…

March 21: Placemaking Across Realities, Cornell Tech

Join Spectra in NYC, where JUMP founder Ryan Rzepecki will keynote a panel discussion hosted by Numena CEO Andreea…

Places & Realities

Spectra is a city for the future that lives across places and realities, linking existent and emergent urban spaces. 

Spectra on The Ground

Spectra projects that exist in real life, on the ground: from pop-up events and interventions, to infill development projects, to large-scale urban development projects.

The Cross-Platform City

The cross-platform city is the virtual footprint of Spectra assets and Spectra-inspired spaces that exist across many platforms and places, enabled by our open toolkit and community activity.

The Source City

Spectra's source city is a platform and repository of community contributions that meet the standards of Spectra maintainers.


Citymaking activity at Spectra is organized around medium and long-term projects of various topics, timelines, skills, and interests. City modders can join an ongoing project or propose something new.

Virtual Block Shuffle

A virtual block rearrangement process that allows communities to reposition themselves based on interests and alliances. …

Virtual Night City

The night city is a version of the Source City, the team is exploring Spectra Cities as a standalone…

Ground Floor Concept

Spectra explored ground floor concepts from both architectural and economic angles. …

Site Research

The site research project’s goal is to explore how local environmental, cultural, and urban contexts might affect Spectra-inspired projects…

Courtyards v1

Each block explores and designs a unique courtyard concept based on that community’s interests….


Spectra Blocks are community generated social groups organized around common interests such as location, occupation, or hobbies.

They each control a virtual city block, and are empowered to make collective decisions about their space, including linking and collaborating with other blocks or even building a project in real life.

Farm Block

The Farm Block was started by Spectra founder Ryan Rzepecki for people interested in sustainable agriculture, permaculture, urban farms,…

Creators’ Block

The Creative Block is a block founded by and for content creators and anyone interested in media, art, design,…

The City That
Builds Cities

The Spectra community is building a city for the future: a mixed-reality metropolis to help us imagine future urban spaces we actually want to live in, and to practice tackling the toughest environmental, technological, and civic challenges we’ll face this century.

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